At Artielli we offer a full on-site valuation service for insurance and probate by an fully registered valuer.

Valuation Charges 2020

We charge on a ‘per item’ basis, which means we can estimate the cost up front. This also means there is no bias to inflating values, or taking longer than needed to produce a valuation. All valuations are provided in a presentation folder with an Accompanying Letter, Letter of Transmittal, Document containing colour digital images and Career History & Qualifications of the appraiser – please view our Sample in store.

Insurance, Family Division, Sale Between Parties

• Document fee £60.00

This covers the creation of your document, including production, printing and image editing, charged once per valuation.

• Plain, Gem-set Jewellery and Standard Watches £50.00 per Item

• Diamonds over 1 Carat (Single Stones) £75.00 per carat

• Grouped Headings for Similar Nominal Items £60.00

Nominal items are those that are of lower value, thus do not justify a fully detailed appraisal.An example would be a group of 9 Carat Gold Plain Earrings, or group of neck chains.Maximum SIX items per group, TEN items per Silver Group

• Exceptional Items from £75.00

Exceptional items are those that require further research to establish a value. These may include Premium watches, (eg high end Patek Philippe) very fine vintage or antique pieces (such as Liberty or Cartier) or modern luxury branded goods (eg high end Bvlgari). To determine an estimate, we will email/message an image of the piece along with some details to Crystal Clear Valuations, who will advise us of a fee


Probate Valuations can often include a number of low value items; therefore can usually be grouped.

Document Fee: £60.00

Group Fee: Up to 10 items £60.00

Special Items: (Eg Diamonds over 0.75cts, specialist items) £50.00

Note: Premium items are those that take longer to research, such as diamonds over 1.00ct, large multi-stone items and antique or rare items, however most items are charged at the standard rate.

All fees are inclusive of VAT at the current rate.