Services Terms and Conditions

Repairs & Services

Items left for repair, adjustments or estimates are subject to the following terms:

  • An estimate to repair is not a fixed quotation and may be subject to alteration if the work required is found to differ from that anticipated.
  • If an article has been purchased from Artielli we reserve the right to supply a new article instead of repairing the old one.
  • Even if we take considerably good care with the customer jewellery, breakage of gemstones can occur, this is at the customer own risk and Artielli is not liable for any breakage.
  • In an event of missplace, lost or damaged items by the courier services, a compensation will be given based on the terms and condition of the courier of the value of the item with a proof of purchase. The compensation will be issued once the payment is made from the courier and Artielli is not liable for delays that may occur by courier.
  • By virtue of the Torts (Interferance with Goods) Act 1977 if the article(s) is/are not paid for and collected within a reasonable period, we reserve the right to dispose of the goods under the Act.
  • If, despite commercially reasonable efforts, Artielli cannot complete the repair or service due to a force majeure event, the completion of the repair or service will be postponed depending on the nature and scale of the event, subject to the agreement. Force majeure shall mean and include, without limitation, natural phenomena, conflicts, strikes, attacks, unforeseen official restrictions and any other events beyond the control of Artielli.
  • If, while performing the repair or service, we discover that unforeseen additional operations that are not included in the Estimate have to be carried out, Artielli will, as soon as reasonably practicable, send to the customer an additional or updated Estimate for approval including specifically the new operations to be carried out on the jewellery.
  • For vintage items of jewellery, difficulties encountered during repair or service, due to the actual condition and/or age of the item, may lead to the Estimate being revised, or work may have to be discontinued if the scheduled Service cannot be completed due to the age of the item. In this case, the item will be returned to the customer, without charge and insofar as possible in the same condition as when the item was delivered to us and Artielli shall have no further liability to the customer.

Bespoke Service

  • For commissions and bespoke items, Artielli request 50% deposit of the full amount agreed with the customer for the commitment of the project. The deposit is not refundable, however we understand circumstances can change, hence, we would find a resolution with refunds in the following terms:
  • Request for a refund within 5 days from the agreement (including week ends) will be agreed, the making has not started and if there is any work on design or gemstones purchased or any other costs, with a 15% of the deposit to cover all admin fees.
  • Request of refund after 5 days and not later of 10 days, (including weeks ends), if the project has not finished yet, will be refund 50% of the deposit which is the equivalent of one quarter (1/4) of the full price, to cover admin fees, design charges and time spent on the project or any other costs.
  • After 10 days there will be not refund and Artielli has the right to hold the full deposit.